FDYD ( Forum for the Development of Youth with Disabilities) was established in 2009 with an aim to create an environment such that young people with disabilities could exchange personal experiences, and be able to discuss current issues that affect the disabled youth of today 

FDYD was registered as such in July 2012 under  the provisions of  the Trustees Incorporation  Act  of  the  Laws  of  Malawi.

We welcome youths aged between 7 and 40 years and those with any kind of disability. We also welcome the parents of those with children with disabilities to come along to find support and share experiences.



  • To prevent HIV/AIDS among youth with disability and to mitigate its impacts through various mitigation measures.
  • To create awareness on HIV/AIDS issues amongst youth with disability in order to ensure that those infected and affected by the pandemic are properly equipped to deal with their unique situation;
  • To promote respect for and protection of human rights of all persons with a specific focus on people with disabilities;
  • To promote education of youth with disabilities through the provision of learning opportunities of all kinds;
  • To build the capacity of youth with disability to be self reliant through economic empowerment, mentoring, counseling and life skills training; and
  • To advocate for the inclusion and participation of people with disabilities in decision making.